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This game was created in 48 hours during Global Game Jam 2017.

Rock Legend, Sid Soundwave, with his magical guitar, Axcalibur, is playing his farewell concert. Sid is wrapping up his encore performance of his hit song "Rock the Earth", when the high note penetrates deep into the nearby forest. The sound wakes up Wildwood, an evil spirit of the forest. In his rage, he unleashes the full fury of all 100 elementals in his army. Sid was about to take his final bow, now he must Rock Out.

Recommended to be played with Tobii EyeX Eye Tracking Controller and Wii Guitar Hero Instrument.



The Organization

Winter Park - FL, USA


Edson Correa


Jeffrey Malesky

Kirill Zhdakh

Pablo Bernal


Thomas Castle

Edson Correa

Alex Heck

Juan Blanco

Marcus Shaw


Andrew Sorensen

Parker Ruggier


Wyatt Sniff

Eric Willins

Edson Correa

Juan Blanco

Parker Ruggier


Arianna Hawkins

Juan Blanco

Contact information:

Alex Heckalexjheck@gmail.com
Andrew Sorensenpumaomega@gmail.com
Arianna Hawkinsarihawk@hotmail.com
Edson Correaecorrea@fullsail.edu
Eric Willinskidwithbadaim@gmail.com
Jeffrey Maleskyjmalesky@fullsail.edu
Juan Blancoiggyiniakiignacio98@gmail.com
Kirill Zhdakhpentazoid231@gmail.com
Marcus Shawmarcuslshaw@gmail.com
Pablo Bernalpbernalalarcon@fullsail.edu
Parker Ruggierparkerscripts@gmail.com
Thomas CastleThomas@TFCastle.com
Wyatt Sniffwtsniff@fullsail.edu

Install instructions

Installation Instructions:

Eye tracker - During the GGJ the device used was Tobii EyeX Eye Tracking Controller. Just follow the manufacturer`s instructions to install the equipment.

Bluetooth Wii Guitar - You need a computer that supports Bluetooth and a software named "glovepie" to be able to use the Wii guitar on one's PC. You will need to run "glovepie" and open the GuitarCode.txt file. Turn on Bluetooth on the computer then sync up the Wii remote with your PC by pressing the A and B keys on the Wii remote and pair the devices. Once remote is connected to the PC, in "glovepie" go to the troubleshooter drop down, and press "No Auto-Bluetooth Connect". Hit the "Run" button and check if any lights turn on the Wii remote. If not, then hit "Stop" and try to "Run" again. If no lights turn on after a few attempts, reconnect the remote. If lights turn on when hitting "Run", then either open up a notepad or click the the "Stop" button on the right and try to hold down the colored keys and strum to check if you get the following outputs - Green->Q, Red->W, Yellow->E, Blue->R, Orange->T. If you get these outputs, then you are ready to play!

Copy and paste this into notepad and save(GuitarCode.txt.):

//Main keys Key.Q = WiiGuitar.Green && (WiiGuitar.StrumUp || WiiGuitar.StrumDown) Key.W = WiiGuitar.Red && (WiiGuitar.StrumUp || WiiGuitar.StrumDown) Key.E = WiiGuitar.Yellow && (WiiGuitar.StrumUp || WiiGuitar.StrumDown) Key.R = WiiGuitar.Blue && (WiiGuitar.StrumUp || WiiGuitar.StrumDown) Key.T = WiiGuitar.Orange && (WiiGuitar.StrumUp || WiiGuitar.StrumDown) //Controlling mouse using joystick mouse.DirectInputX = mouse.DirectInputX + deadzone(WiiGuitar.JoyX)*1.5 + deadzone(WiiGuitar.JoyX)*abs(deadzone(WiiGuitar.JoyX))*39 mouse.DirectInputY = mouse.DirectInputY + deadzone(-WiiGuitar.JoyY)*1.5 + deadzone(-WiiGuitar.JoyY)*abs(deadzone(-WiiGuitar.JoyY))*39 //Plus and minus //Strum (Notes: LMB -> StrumDown, RMB -> StrumUp) mouse.LeftButton = WiiGuitar.StrumUp mouse.LeftButton = WiiGuitar.StrumDown


Rockout.exe 21 MB
Rockout_Data.7z 41 MB
Tobii.EyeX.Client.dll 1 MB

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